C.O.S.International VIP Service. System exclusive VIP service approved
by the most demanding and particular market: Your customers!
* Mono and Bilingual Driver
* Bodyguard Mono and Bilingual
* License to operate throughout Brazil and abroad
* Transfer and reception in Airports - heliports - Hotels
* Logistics National Security and International
* City Tour - VIP Security Monitoring
* Budgets at no cost.
C.O.S.Electronic Security and Monitoring. Intelligent solutions in
electronic security with infrastructure and quality of installation.

* Electronic System for Intrusion Detection (alarm)
* Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
* Access Control
* Remote Monitoring of Alarm and Images
* Training For Projects with IP Technology

* Concierge
* Specialized Access Controller
* Lecturer
* Floor Control
* Front Desk
* Valet
* Cleaning and Maintenance
* Bar-Tender
* Events  in general 
* Chargers Assistant General
* Angel Driver (Your driver in case "IF YOU DRINK DONT DRIVE"pick you and your car wherever you are and deliver to your home.)
The security and surveillance service is based on operational
support and high professional qualification. The company structure is dedicated to the
interests and needs in each segment acted, in other words, our mission is adapt to each
service provided with tenacity and professionalism.
With a great team that receives constant training for COS standards of quality, we make the safety of your event from small, medium or large. Be it a domestic or international attraction. In our history we have the biggest college events, with audiences up to 8000 people, as JUCA, Economiadas And INTERUNESP.
Also the graduations of large colleges as USP, Mackenzie, PUC, FMU, ESPM FGV among others.
Among the main events for which we work, are:

Mondo, Time For Fun, Dorana Forte Real, Amral Produções, DMKT, Mandi, Agência de Fromaturas, Arena Universitária, Impacto, RR Eventos, Porto Alcobaça, Eazy, Broadway, Bm9, Ice, Hotel Cambridge, Via Funchal, Aseringuera, Credical Hall.

Telefônica Open Jazz, RogerWaters, Kiss, Evanescence, Rolling Stones, U2, AC/DC, Johnny Rivers, Whitesnake, Chaka Khan, RDB, Madonna, Jonas Brothers, Seal, Diana Krall,  Macy Gray, Michael Bublé, About Us, Beyoncé, Joss Stone.
Our Personal Security Services come with a plan of Custom Job. Beyond Bilingual Securities to serve you better!
Among our main clients are: Ivete Sangalo, Andrea Bocelli, Carolina Herrera, Diana Krall, Seal and Macy Gray.
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